Fortune Mouse Slots

The Chinese legend states that the Jade Emperor organized a river crossing competition. He selected 12 animals to represent the 12 zodiac signs. Various animals took part, including the cow and the mouse. The cow was leading the race during the competition day but didn't know the clever mouse had hidden on its back the entire race. Upon reaching the finishing line on the other side of the river, the mouse jumped out of its back and crossed the finishing line. Quite interesting!

It's said if, in the traditional days, mice stole food from your home, you're rich enough to have surplus food. The Fortune Mouse slot is eventually here, allowing you to try your luck. It's a 3x3 online slot game with 5 locked win lines and a maximum prize of 1,000 times your bet.

This medium-volatility slot game carries a lot of simplicity, as usual with the Pocket Games Soft products. So, if you are looking for a straightforward game with a strong theme and an engaging story, Fortune Mouse is the one. Let's walk you through more of what the slot offers.

The Visuals & Soundtrack

With the look of the fantastic graphics, you'll find everything about the Fortune Mouse easy to grasp. The game's icons will become familiar in no time, and you'll be spotting the next winning combinations easier.

Fortune Mouse appears on the Wild icon. Nuts, money, fruit, and coin pouches are other unique symbols in the slot. The potential riches on offer show in the red and gold color palette. The high resolution makes the graphics sharp and the texts easier to read. Accompanying the visuals is the relaxing soundtrack that'll immerse you in the game experience.

RTP, Bet Sizes, & Wins

The minimum bet per spin in the Fortune Mouse slot is 0.25, while the maximum is 250. This gives you a good variation to control the game and maximize the potential wins. The slot has a 21.84 hit frequency, and all win lines are locked. As such, you must play all five win lines in every spin. To control your balance effectively as you have fun, adjust the bet brilliantly.

The Bonus Feature

Re-pins is the only bonus feature in the Fortune Mouse. Once the re-pins feature is activated, the middle reel is filled with Wilds. The first and third reels continuously re-spin to form a winning combination. Additionally, there will be a maximum win of 1000 times the bet if the grid is filled with Wilds.

How to Play Fortune Mouse

Familiarize yourself with the paytable first and note the different payouts. Payouts will vary depending on your bet. You'll note the five fixed win lines remain in play during every spin. Use the 'turbo' lightning bolt symbol and the 'autoplay' button, depending on how you want to play.

Fortune Mouse is ideal if you love strong themes, engaging visuals, and immersive gaming experiences. The soundtrack is also pleasing to listen to. Try your luck!