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While many online players enjoy the freedom of playing online slots for no money, most players choose real money slot play. There are hundreds of online casinos for US and non-US players, most of whom offer online slots for real money.

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Our new Delaware Post website has reviewed new online casinos and updated casinos to provide players with a clear and concise account of the casino and its games in general, with slot games in particular.

What We Offer Players

At Delaware Post, players will find the top online slots. We have listed and reviewed the top slot games and new slot games available to date. Additionally, we have added the top slot games from two providers thus far - Rival and Real Time Gaming. We have also listed the Best Casinos along with their top slot games.

Online Slots for Real Money is the Reel Deal

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, most online players love playing real money slots. Their choices are exponentially high due to the number of new casinos and providers who have come aboard the slots train. It is the providers, however, that produce and design the slot games for players to enjoy. The type of slots available cannot compare to past slot games. The newer slots are technologically brilliant in form, design, bonus features, symbols, and yes - even betting options.

What Type of Slots Can I Play for Real Money?

To date, the slot games run the gamut from 3-reel, 4-reel, 5-reel, 6-reel, 7-reel, bonus, all ways pay, progressive, floating symbols, and pay lines that could range up to 100 or more. Players have choices they never had before in choosing slot games, regardless of whether they play at a regular online casino or mobile casinos. Additionally, the betting options range from pennies to thousands, depending, of course, on the slot game. High Rollers are particularly thrilled with the high betting slot games. The average person or newbie on the slots block has the best betting range of all as most slot games start with one cent.

Join us at Delaware Post, where we have listed online slots for real money, the best providers along with their best slot games, and an overall list of the newest slot games available now.